Require tsx from ts

I encountered the issue below in a ts meteor project. Could you advice what to do?


I have a project with .ts and .tsx files and I am trying to import a .tsx file from a .ts file, like so:


import WriteEditor from './write_editor';


import Events from './events';
import Actions from './actions';

export default class WriteEditor extends React.Component { /*...*/ }

Now TypeScript tells me

ERROR in ./src/index.ts
Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‘./write_editor’ in ‘/Users/luke/Projekte/writejs/code/writejs/src’
@ ./src/index.ts 3:23-48
@ multi ./src/index.ts

So I tried this:


import WriteEditor from './write_editor.tsx';

Now my IDE tells me not to write the extensions tsx and I get an errors in src/write_editor.tsx because TypeScript cannot find my .ts files from a .tsx file.

Then I went to rename the imports and added the .ts extensions

import Events from './events.ts';
import Actions from './actions.ts';

Now I am getting tons or errors telling me not to write extensions at all.

So how can we import tsx from ts and vice versa?

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Which typescript package are you using?
The new official one for Meteor > 1.8.2 or the package from adornis or barbatus?