Rerunning chimp tests on meteor app code change

It looks like chimp’s --watch mode “Watches feature/support files and manage process interruption, browser reuse and spec reruns” doesn’t rerun tests based on meteor app code changes (as designed).

Is there a way to do this when running chimp in a standalone, npm mode?


You can us watchSource=<your app dir> but this is suboptimal as it will not wait for the app to fully restart. As soon as this is supported: then it will.

Thanks @sam. That does work as you mentioned. I do see the rerun of tests in chimp and that it runs prior to meteor rebuilding the app. Good to see there is a possible solution.

I noticed that you have to pass the absolute path to watchSource. I will make an issue to allow relative paths as I think that would be handy to have, but obviously a low priority in the scheme of things. :smile:

We are going to implement npm run chimp soon as that double instance compilation/run etc is driving me nuts.
And probably trying something like in server package (the one with fixtures ) we do some file write in dedicated directory as part of Meteor.startup
And that would be set as chimp watchSource .

Autoreload should be implemented according to