Reset password doesn't work with enrollment token


Hi guys.
So I enroll my users like this in my server

console.log("user doesn't exist create one")
var userId = Accounts.createUser({email})
console.log('userId', userId)

This works fine.
Then on the client I redirect to the reset password form with the token

Accounts.onEnrollmentLink(function (token) {

on form submit I do this

submitNewPassword = () => {
    console.log('this.state.changedPasswordValue', this.state.changedPasswordValue)
    const { resetToken } = this.props.params
    const password = this.state.changedPasswordValue
    const self = this
    console.log('resetToken', resetToken)
    Accounts.resetPassword(resetToken, password, function (err) {
      if (err) {
        console.error('resetPassword error', err)
        self.setState({errorMessage: err.reason, error: true})
      } else {
        self.setState({reset: true, errorMessage: 'Your password changed', error: true})

Now this works perfect with reset password tokens. However in this case if I came from an enrollment email I get error - 403 Invalid Email
Any idea how to fix this?
This code was working perfectly this problem happened only recently. Maybe it is some internal package bug in some specific version?


I have the same use case I’m working on now. I just hit this step. Did you ever solve this?

UPDATE: seemed to work fine for me