[RESOLVED] Assets in a cordova app


I am trying to understand how things should be working.
I created an app in Meteor, and I have an ngnix server as my entry point. The nginx server servers static files if the url matches some of the stored ones, otherwise it proxies the request to meteor/node.
The app allows users to upload images that get stored in a specific directory that nginx serves.
In this directory for simplicity so far I have put the dynamic/uploaded images, and the static assets for the app (icons, buttons, etcs).
The webapp works fine, I can see static/dynamic assets, upload new images, use the app, everything works ok.

Now I am trying to create a cordova android app instead of having a web-app.
Both the dev (meteor run) and the production (meteor build and install APK) have the same symptom:
I can reach my app (and actually the nginx port, not the node port, since if I shut down nginx I cannot see anything) and everything works except that my static and dynamic assets are not loaded/visible.

I know that cordova apps do something specific with assets (from what I understood they bundle them and download them to the mobile client during the first load) but it’s not clear to me what to do about it.

1)I want to push all static assets to the users
2)I don’t want to push dynamic assets to the users on load. I would like to serve them on a request-basis as the web-app actually works.

Is this setup feasiable with nginx cordova and meteor?
What should I do it to make it work?
Do i need to separate my static assets from my dynamic ones, and put them in some folder inside the meteor project?
Am I allowed to serve the dynamic assets per-request ? If yes, how?

Sorry if I am asking something obvious, I am quite a good web dev but I have really limited knowledge of mobile/cordova/android/etc

Thank you in advance for any help!

For what is worth, the problem was that I was pointing to my images like < img src=“bla.png”/> and the webapp would automatically convert that to http://myDomain/bla.png, that would then show the image.

I converted all pointers to be like < img src={Meteor.absoluteUrl(“bla.png”)} /> and it seems that now the cordova app is working properly.

I still might divide the static and dynamic assets so at least the static ones can be bundled in the app instead of having to download them from the server, but now my issue is solved.