[Resolved] Email 1.2.1 Error: Greeting never received - Nodemailer


When we updated from Email 1.2.0 to 1.2.1 an error ocurred. With email 1.2.0 it’s not happening. We use MailGun service to send emails.

Exception while invoking method 'forgotPassword' { stack: 'Error: Greeting never received\n at Mail._syncSendMail }

We posted an issue at Meteor Github.

Is someone else having this error? Any solution?

We think it’s caused by the internal update of Nodemailer package but we are not sure.


You can just use Mailgun’s own API and remove the Meteor email package.

Here is an article about Mailgun’s Node API: http://blog.mailgun.com/how-to-send-transactional-emails-in-a-nodejs-app-using-the-mailgun-api/


When you use a secure SMTP port number (465, 587, etc.) you have to use smtps protocol (rather than smtp) in your MAIL_URL.

The issue here for me was not parsing in the port, the wylio:mandrill package default to 465, and Mandrill SMTP was on 587, I just needed to add the port argument to Mandrill.config.


i have the same issue. after updating my Meteor project from 1.4 to 1.5 the email throw an error now. i tried changing port, add smtps but none was working. i also tried to remove and add the email package, and upgrade the email to 1.2.3 but still not working… any help? thanks.