[resolved] IOS app crash with 1.3 - libswiftCore.dylib not loaded

After a succesfull update on the App Store of my app, I download it on a test device but the app was crashing at startup because it couldn’t find the swift core lib.

I have now created a new archive of my app with EMBEDDED_CONTENT_CONTAINS_SWIFT = YES

in the build settings.

I hope this will fix the issue as I am now waiting for the app update to be accepted by Apple.

Did anyone else experience this issue ? Is the flag I enabled going to be useful ?

I come back here in the hopes that someone here has gone through the same struggle I currently am…

The thing is that when building my app for production and test the build in XCode, everything runs fine in simulator and physical device. No crashes, app is working as expected, it’s connected to my production server etc.

But the app gets rejected because of a startup crash: https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/qa/qa1886/_index.html

I already have revoked all my certs and rebuilt the archive with the new ones. The app still crashes when it is submitted.

Do I have to rebuild the cordova step too ?

I am of running out of ideas as to which step to take next.

This could be the result of this issue, which had been fixed for meteor run before but only has been fixed for meteor build in Meteor 1.3.1.

So a meteor update --release 1.3.1 and a rebuild of the xcode project should resolve this ?

I will go ahead and do that and come back with the results.

Thank you!

EDIT: or just putting the missing linking field will be enough ?

Just putting in the missing configuration option should be enough, but Meteor 1.3.1 does this for you on meteor build.

If you want to make sure it is working, you should run a release build from the Xcode project built using meteor build (the one you would be submitting to the App Store).

Thank you for the tip!

It works in Release build ! Thank you very much for all your work !