[RESOLVED] Mac Chrome browser broken with Meteor updates?

We are seeing all reactivity in our app broken in Mac Chrome, latest build (86.0.4240.111)
Still investigating. Will roll back to prior Chrome to confirm if that is indeed the problem.
Safari, Firefox, Opera all work as usual.

Update. Rolling back to earlier Chrome does NOT fix the problem. Looking at system logs, perhaps it is possible that a SYSTEM update broke Mac Chrome.

Cannot repro this on Windows or iOS Chrome.

This is the Mac OS update that may be breaking Chrome reactivity.
2020-10-31 09:33:12-07 system_installd[615]: Installed “MRTConfigData” (1.69.3)

The mystery intensifies, but may not be cracked. We could NOT reproduce this on our Galaxy sandbox nor on localhost. And do note, the sandbox container is/was many days older than the oldest production container.

We were able to “fix” the problem by restarting all our Galaxy containers on production. I’m not sure how that is possibly relevant.

One other variable. Atlas Mongo did scheduled maintenance at 3a. (which is suspiciously close to the start of the problem). And of course sandbox and localhost use a different DB.

So… maybe something in the DB connection?

We no longer have a repro case, so this mystery may not be solved.

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