[RESOLVED] Meteor 1.3 run android device error

Congrats on releasing the great 1.3 !!

I am now updating my mobile apps.

Nethertheless, I have a “Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CACHE_MISS” error when running the app. meteor run android-device -p 3030 --settings ../settings.json

It builds and installs just fine, just the server in the network doesn’t seem to be found. Is this a meteor/cordova issue or more likely a network issue from my part ?

It seems like a cordova issue because the images loading from a domain like amason s3 are not found either.

How could I further debug this issue ?

EDIT: running on an IOS device works like a charm.
EDIT 2: tried on 2 different Android devices and having the same issue on both

For those having the same issue, just delete your cordova-build folder in the app’s .meteor folder and then rerun and all will be A OK !

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@elgusto Thank you, that saved me before I went too crazy! For anyone reading, I think the way I got into the situation was because my master branch is still on Meteor 1.2 and I have migrated to Meteor 1.3 in a branch which will soon get merged into master. I’m switching back and forth to support bug fixes while migrating. I think the cordova build gets mixed up when switching as it’s likely on the .gitignore list.

Thank you! You saved me! From all the solutions I was looking for, this one was working for me.