[resolved][non-issue] Meteor npm uninstall - package keeps showing up


Every time I run meteor, it installs a package which I removed via meteor remove thepackage
And meteor npm uninstall just outputs “up to date”.

I’ve grepped my project folder for any reference to the package, and there is none.
I’ve run meteor reset, to no avail.

Please explain why meteor keeps installing packages which I have explicitly removed, and more importantly, how to stop it.

I’ve forked a repo where the developer no longer maintains the source, and fixed their problems for them. Yet meteor continues to install their package, and thus on build/run it locates a duplicate global function name (Meteor.methods), and fails to build.
Very , very… frustrating.
What am I missing here?
How do I stop meteor from installing things into it’s AppData\.meteor\packages folder, which I’ve previously told it NOT to install.


Hi, seems as if you’re mixing up two different things here: Atmosphere packages and NPM packages. The meteor add and meteor remove commands relate to the former, meteor npm uninstall to the latter.

If you install Atmosphere packages using meteor add, the are referenced in a file called packages inside the .meteor folder. NPM packages, however, are referenced in the package.json file on top level. Have you checked the contents of both files?

Another reason for a package being installed despite not being referenced in either of these files might be that it is referenced by another Atmosphere or NPM package as a dependency. For Atmosphere packages, you can check if a package has been installed by inspecting the versions file inside the .meteor folder. For NPM packages, you can check the contents of the node_modules folder or use the npm list --depth=1 command.


Awesome thank you for the info and clarification on this, I believe I understand now.
The problem I had was a package added to meteor’s npm packages was relying upon a package which I had removed, so by reason of dependency, it kept getting added.
Was my only fault for not checking deeper. Thank you! The .version file indeed contained the offending library