[RESOLVED] Suddenly can't get Parent ID in Event


I have an event on right click, and when I trigger it, I have set the parent ID of the item I’m right clicking on my items attributes in the html.

Like this:

<span class="badge unitOnCall left" style="background: {{statusColor}}; color: {{textColor}};" callId="{{../_id}}" callNo="{{../callNo}}">{{unit}}</span>

In another event (double click) I get both the parent id and parent callNo with the following:

let callId = event.currentTarget.getAttribute('callId');
let callNo = event.currentTarget.getAttribute('callNo');

These both work flawlessly.

I have tried to use them in the event on right click, and get either null, or undefined.

I have also tried this._id which was working up until today, and now I only get null or undefined.

When I look in the inspector at the formed html for the element, it shows the proper _id for the parent as it should, so I don’t know why I’m suddenly unable to get this value on right click.

Any help, or thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Additionally, I tried,
<span class="badge unitOnCall left" style="background: {{statusColor}}; color: {{textColor}};" data-callid="{{../_id}}" callNo="{{../callNo}}">{{unit}}</span>


let callId = event.currentTarget.dataset.callid;

based on another post on the forums, but still no luck.


Just to be clear, when you inspect the element, you see the proper data in each attribute? Have you tested across multiple browsers?


No, haven’t tried with multiple browsers, and yes sir, I see the correct data in each attribute when I inspect.


Hm, the next thing I’d try is logging the event.currentTarget to make sure your click is targeting correctly?


Well, first of all if you want to get the data from the dataset your SPAN should have the attribute data-callid rather than just callid. And so on.

Can you maybe share your event handling code, including function(x,y)?


<span class="badge js-myCall unitOnCall left" style="background: {{statusColor}}; color: {{textColor}};" data-callid="{{../_id}}" data-callNo="{{../callNo}}">{{unit}}</span>

(Note the added class ‘js-myCall’)

  "click .jsMyCall" : function(e,t){
      var callid = e.currentTarget.dataset.callid;


Sorry @ralof,

I have corrected my original post. The dataset-callid is how I have it, I just pasted the wrong section into the post.

I also use the uniOnCall as my identifying class (like you did with js-myCall.


I believe it is targeting correctly. I get the console logging I expect for the event, but no data. I’ll try the console.dir of the event.currentTarget and see what I see.


it should not be ‘dataset-callid’, just 'data-callid’
All the data- will then become the ‘dataset’ in the event


ok, changed it to data-callid, but still get undefined.

I just don’t understand why on right-click I get undefined now, but with double click it’s working fine. I get all the data I expect.


Show me your event handler code.


No need. I got it again. Somehow…not sure what I did differently, but I’ll look back through with ‘undo’ and watch for a difference.

Thank you to all of you for your help, I appreciate it.