[Resolved] We are not shutting down Meteor meetups

Hello Meteor community, Meetup captains, and attendees!

Early this morning I received an email from Meetup that looked like this:

After talking with everyone on the team that is awake this Sunday morning, I have confirmed that this is not an intentional action on our part. We’re going to keep running meetups and helping out captains around the world as much as we can.

It appears that our payment to Meetup to continue running these meetups was not acknowledged in time, and the account prematurely shut down.

It might take a few days to resolve the issue and put everything back to the way it was, but we’re going to work on it as fast as we can.




i’ve just read that mail and i was wondering what to do…
Thanx for those informations Sashko


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Speaking of, is there a Meteor meetup in Miami?

Great news everyone! After a quick chat with Meetup support things should be back to normal!

Thanks to everyone who emailed and messaged us about the situation, it helped us resolve things quickly.

@sergiotapia there might be, you can search on Meetup.com! (Currently on mobile otherwise I would search for you :slight_smile: )


As @sashko mentioned, things should now be sorted out – if you are still seeing issues with your meetup please DM me directly and I’ll work with you to get things back to normal. Thanks for all your patience and sorry for the confusion!


Whoops! :smiley: Definitely caused a bit of consternation for the NL meetup team but glad to see it was just the usual “oh, I didn’t realise those emails from X were actually warnings that they were going to shut down our account”. Hate it when that happens.

Worse than that - they were very slow to confirm receipt of our payment and have it reflected on our account. We’re making changes with meetup.com to ensure this doesn’t happen in the future.

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I think we all get scared when we received this mail :wink:

By the way, any meetup planed in San Francisco on Thursday 23rd ?

I also got scared :wink:
Cheers from Düsseldorf.