Respect to Meteor developers

I was just reading, as one does, and was overwhelmed again by how incredible/awesome Meteor has been, is now, and will be soon.

All this cutting edge stuff is constantly going into Meteor (1.6.2 is looking great) and MDG have, miraculously, found a way to make it near seamlessly backwards compatible for the last six years!

To @benjamn and others putting big hours into Meteor development, I hope you read this and know that there are random strangers around the world who hold your work in the highest respect.

Just felt moved to say that …


While I’m often frustrated with Meteor packages and code and what not… I’m too dumb maybe? LoL

I do agree! Meteor is the future <3

I have two LARGE contracts, and the only platform I would put them on is Meteor.


Now to be 1.7


Even better! It deserves a whole minor version of its own.

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I am gonna hitch on the love here guys. MDG is awesome and always has been. I think its about time I do something to contribute back to the Meteor community.

When I Google for “how to do this in Meteor” and see the lack of articles on it, that huge sigh that you let out knowing that you have to figure this part out yourself is also short-lived. Imagine manifesting that frustration and simply write an article on it, even if its a simple Step 1, 2, 3 kinda thing.

This can be a good time to begin doing all these things.

Keep up the good work MDG!


I remember jumping in to Wordpress a decade ago, or Joomla. The support then was bad. Search engines were not as friendly. Stack overflow wasn’t around.

Maybe WE are laying the future of Meteor simply by talking about it.

I just got picked up in an business incubator, we are launching the pilot project next week. Thanks MDG, I’m a Galaxy customer now :slight_smile:


Thanks @babrahams, this means the world to us!


Thank you MDG, you’re awesome.