a startup built on Meteor just got acquired by Buffer

Here is the article on TechCrunch.

And here is an excerpt from the official Buffer announcement:

I have some great news: Buffer has acquired Respondly, a social media customer service and brand monitoring tool!

We’re excited to bring this product into the Buffer family and move into a whole new market that many of you have been encouraging us to explore for years.


Quoting from @joshowens, on the post on the same subject:

I guess an email was sent out to customers saying they will be rewriting the app as part of the transition to buffer. I wonder if that means they are leaving Meteor…

I wonder too…

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I meant an email sent to customers, in case that wasn’t clear. Perhaps someone that knows Tim or @phil can get a comment?

@slava is this the first full meteor acquisition? I know streem was acquired by Box but if I remember correctly, they only used meteor for their front end. Either way this is huge! Congrats to Phil and Tim!

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Hey guys,

Here’s a couple of tweets showing Buffer’s take on this.

One from Joel the CEO:

And one from Sunil, Buffer’s CTO - who says he’s enjoying Meteor:




To my knowledge there were a couple of them before. One company was acquired early for Lyft’s Line scheduling for ride sharing or something.

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Looks like they have already changed the UI to match the colors of Buffer’s new brand “Respond”. The “rewrite” could mean anything. (Although the TC article goes into lengths how they decided to save development time of the product with this acquisition)