REST Solution for Meteor in 2018/2019?

Hi all,

Do you guys create REST API for your Meteor app?

What is the solution to have methods available as REST API?

Most of the Meteor Package for REST API such as SImple Rest, Restivus, Meteor Rest and etc, all seems like abandoned project with loads of unanswered open issue no one cares to answer and etc.

So what is the recommended solution that is up to date for REST API of Meteor App.

I’m using the plain webapp handlers and call my meteor methods from there if needed. However when there is a need for a static API i usually tend to go for lambda functions using the serverless framework. All other cases could be easily done by Meteor’s DDP layer or Apollo + Meteor

Hi @lesliechw,

I will go with serverless too, but if you dont want to got that way I have used Picker before and it works perfectly. Is not maintained but still works with no issues in most cases.

simple:rest and JsonRoutes.

We use those together to hook both a DDP subscription and REST endpoint to the same data cursor. Works great.

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Thanks for your reply guys. So it’s safe to us this package?