Restart Meteor Cloud app

How does one restart a Meteor Cloud app? At the moment, it seems the only way is:

  • press the stop button
  • wait a few minutes until the app is stopped (hit refresh in browser over and over until the app shows a 503 error message)
  • then hit the start button

This is a but cumbersome. I thought I could do this, but this doesn’t work:

  • hit the stop button
  • immediately hit the start button once it appears a few moments later

This would be easier, but it doesn’t work because the stopped state is replaced by the started state, and it appears that the Meteor app continues to run and does not stop (it is not restarted).

It would be nice to have an official Restart button.

Restarting an app could be useful for staging mode (testing production-like apps before they go into actual production, wanting to test reset their state, etc).

One way is to kill the actual container(s) of your app. If you go to the Containers page, each one will have a power button on the left. Click it and it kills it and starts a new container seamlessly.

This would work well with a single container. With multiple containers you might need to stagger this process. Not sure if you can/should do multiple at a time.

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  1. ctrl+c
  2. press up
  3. press enter


Hey @trusktr,

What are the main reasons that you are considering restarting your app? If it’s something related to the database, you could run a script for that.

Can’t do that on Meteor Cloud, can you?

@hschmaiske yeah I can probably make something, but for now a restart refreshes some 3D app features randomly, and clears some cruft that slows down the server over time. This is mainly temporary until issues are worked out.

@evolross thanks, that will actually do the trick for now. In this case I have only one container at the moment.

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Hi @trusktr, I just added this feature request to our backlog, but still no ETA.

There is a little trick you can do now, go to the settings tab and change the Container stop grace period to any other value, for example from 40s to 50s. A moment later, your containers will all be replaced with new ones. Not ideal, but it does the job for now.


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