Restivus not supported on Meteor 2.3?

I just upgraded Meteor from v1.8 to v2.3 and now I am getting these errors:

Errors prevented startup:                  
   While selecting package versions:
   error: Conflict: Constraint accounts-password@1.3.3 is not satisfied by accounts-password 2.0.1.
   Constraints on package "accounts-password":
   * accounts-password@2.0.0 <- top level
   * accounts-password@~2.0.0 <- top level
   * accounts-password@1.3.3 <- nimble:restivus 0.8.12

This is the only hurdle that is stopping me from upgrading to Meteor 2.3.
Is there any fix for this?

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There are lots of similar questions in the forum, please search a bit for “accounts-password” as there are old and unattended packages that require an older version.

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Use Maka Rest package. it is the new version of Restivus and compatible with 2.3.


I used this fork and it worked very fine. No changes necessary.

Doesn’t work. It says;
Restivus is undefined

You can use my compatibility fork:

meteor add renanccastro:restivus

However, I do recommend migrating to maintened packages, as I’ve only published a compat version, without further support for the library.


I will give it a try and post the results here

You should use:

import { Restivus } from 'meteor/maka:rest';

I am using pure JavaScript

This worked perfectly fine for me. Thanks!

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Hi, we are starting something to address issues like this, please give a read here Introducing Meteor Compat Packages