Resume login service for auth0

I am looking to see if anyone can provide assistance on how to set the resume loginToken when using auth0 as the login provider. Example below when using accounts-password:

"services" : {
        "resume" : {
            "loginTokens" : [
                    "when" : ISODate("2023-08-06T05:13:07.398+0000"),
                    "hashedToken" : "DQqnef6+FM?V1n0Npja%7#_+QMK2&nYKuwTi01+76c="

For reference, I used code from this package and modified it to work with the latest Meteor: GitHub - xcv58/meteor-auth0: Auth0 Login Flow for Meteor apps

When logging in, it creates the user in the users collection, but the services.resume.loginTokens does not get created. Do I have to implement this logic manually or?