Rethink vs Mongo test

I did a quick rethinkdb vs mongodb test. I made two meteor apps, one with meteor-rethinkdb and the other mongodb with oplog and put them on Galaxy. Inside a setInterval I inserted, updated then removed from the db over and over.

1 container with one client connected

Mongodb - Each loop took about 2200ms. Cpu at 0.35
Rethink - Each loop took about 900ms. Cpu at 0.15
Rethink wins!

scaled to 6 containers

Container that had two clients connected to it.
Mongodb - Cpu at 0.5
Rethink - Cpu at 0.4

Container that had one client it.
Mongodb - Cpu at 0.5
Rethink - Cput at 0.2

Containers that had no clients connected.
Mongodb - Cpu between 0.23 and 0.34
Rethink - Cpu between 0.01 and 0.06

Rethinkdb crushes Mongodb!!!

I’m having issues with cpu I think because of oplog and livequery and I’m thinking about trying to use meteor-rethinkdb. I have no idea about the state of it though. Is anyone using it with success?

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