RethinkDB closes up shop

Really sad news. I am a big fan of Horizon and RethinkDB. Whether it has enough users and interest to exist as a fork, time will tell.

What do you guys think?


Wow, that’s extremely unfortunate! :frowning: Hopefully they can leave the open-source side of things on a good footing …


It’s a stunner. Hopefully they’ll change the licensing to the most permissive use and the community will embrace it.



We had created a RethinkDB direct replacement for MongoDB and it worked well (most of the time). If you are interested …

RethinkDB’s idea of controlling the cursors server-side (vs. oplog trailing) was brilliant, but its ReQL language was a pain (at least in my opinion), Mongo syntax is a breeze. Also, things like lack of index optimizations and some immaturities in the API threw me off.

Personally, I am holding off on any DB integrations until Apollo integrations are deeply embedded in Meteor (e.g. useraccounts etc.)


I’ve been building out the UI for my monolithic app for some time (still going). I’ve floated between Meteor and Horizon. I just wrote a quick data binding for Meteor / Apollo / Rethink.

It seems like with Apollo, Meteor just brings user accounts to the table. But that’s not insignificant – I always felt that Meteor completely nailed user accounts. But those accounts also seem very coupled to Mongo.

I’d like to run just one database. I’m not sure what to do. Postgres is calling to me like an old friend that never left. :wink:


This is so sad.


Wow. Just when I was evaluating RethinkDB vs PostgreSQL as a MongoDB alternative via Apollo. Web dev world is crazy. :sweat:

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Uff, just planned to use RethinkDB if Apollo is ready. Are there any other realtime alternatives to it?

I’ve been pointed to OrientDB, but there’s a lot of talk that it’s more buggy than Trump Tower. I’m not sure who or what to believe.

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We’re open to a plan to rework accounts to work with Postgres!


PostgreSQL is written in C. RethinkDB, Couchbase and MongoDB in C++. OrientDB is written in… Java.


We looked at RethinkDB. Any project that doesn’t solve a real problem is dangerous to use. I read about Rethink and what I basically got is that “it’s like Mongo, only better”, then I wondered, “what’s wrong with Mongo?” and I hear “Mongo sucks” and I wonder how is RethinkDB better, but I never got a clear advantage…


Rethink, in my opinion, is better because of its change feeds (push) and first class support for joins.

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The official word.


Change feeds actually work in Mongo (oplog tailing)… it may be ugly but it works. Joins also were added in Mongo 3.2. So I think my point stands.

In Mongo, you can only perform joins within the context of an aggregation query. As far as I can tell, you can’t get information about an aggregation query via the oplog. This means it’s not really equivalent to Rethink where you can get reactive updates on a query-level basis.


Has anyone tried Couchbase (Community Edition) as a MongoDB alternative?

No, but i’ve used CouchDB. Version 2.0 was just released. It has all of the strengths of CouchDB, now with Mango, a MongoDB like query language and easy sharding/clustering. Might also be worth a look.


I don’t consider a hack to be a feature. Call me old school.

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Agreed on the oplog trailing being a hack - albeit a smart one. Any other DB’s that can implement live cursors? (besides rethink).

There seem to exist techniques to make it (somewhat) scalable … some research may be required.