RethinkDB, GraphQL & advances in realtime technology


Hi all, I dunno how many of you keep up with advances within the RethinkDB world, but the features on the horizon are pretty incredible. RethinkDB will be exposing a REST API (and websocket connection) directly to the database. This will make them a direct, open-source alternative to Firebase.
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Also of importance, Slava, RethinkDB’s CEO recently appeared on The Changelog:

If you’re then wondering how you’d implement custom backend logic, I’m sure RethinkDB have a plan for this (not entirely sure what just yet) but worst case scenario would be to do it exactly like Firebase, and that is to implement a fault tolerant job queue. You’d then push jobs onto individual queues and you could have microservices listening to particular queues for work to process. The job queue would ensure that a job is only processed once etc. Once processed, the job queue would pop the task off the queue (and write a success message to another endpoint the client is listening to) or set its status to complete, thus informing the client to update etc.

This is all super-cool stuff and I’m wondering what does the Meteor community think about all of this?


Wow - this is pretty big.


OrientDB seems also interesting, it supports ~SQL syntax and LiveQuery.


I found out a little more info from the Rethink team - apparently they’re writing a middleware framework so you won’t even need to integrate your backend logic using worker queues like I described above. I’m so excited for this, as querying RethinkDB is so expressive and cuts down on a lot of boilerplate code you’d have to write if using MongoDB for example. :slight_smile: