RethinkDB Lives

The Cloud Native Compute Foundation has acquired RethinkDB’s intellectual property (code, docs, artwork, trademarks, domain names, etc.) and will be relicensing it under the Apache Public Licence 2.0.

There may be hope for a fully developed Meteor integration after all.



We worked for a long time with the RethinkDB team to try to build a Meteor integration, before they ended up working on Horizon instead. There was a particular feature missing:

As far as I know that’s one of the reasons Horizon was missing some features Meteor has. If that’s resolved, I think it will be easy to integrate Rethink!


This really makes me happy. RethinkDB is DB done properly, it has amazing features and even their docs are a real joy to read.

Just imagine how much nicer and simpler it’ll be to use vs Mongo, proper changefeeds vs oplog hacks, a fantastic query language thats real JS and functional, and its pretty much the only DB that has managed to pass Jespen, something Mongo couldn’t do in its dreams.

Huge fan or Rethink. I’d really love to see Rethink’s change feed incorporated into Apollo Server resolvers!