Retrieve source from self-hosted deployed app


Because of some technical issues my brand new laptop crashed, unfortunately i did not had the possibility to get my data back from the harddisk.
Now i lost my source code of a meteor app, u use a self-hosted solution so i do have access to the deployed/minified source code.
The server source code i did get back, because the were not minified. But the client side source code is minified and combined to one file. Is there a way to ‘undo-minify’ this file?

Any help would be very appreciated.



Google for uglify js - there are a number of online tools you may be able to use. However, they will not recover original variable names or annotation, so it’s going to be difficult to re-engineer.

Was there a reason for not using a cloud repo?

I don’t know the exact reason, but the choice is made a while back.
When i was on cloud repo, did i have the source code available then?

Yeah uglify i already tried, but ofcourse it will not give me back the right filenames or html files.
I really wish there was a way to get those back in original state before deployment.