Return data from sync call

I’m stuck with one easy question but I can’t solve it.
From iron:router I need to check if a user is 'admin".

I have a meteor method in server side as:
var adminAsync = function(id, cb){ var x = Meteor.users.findOne({_id:id}).perfil.admin; cb && cb(null, x); } Meteor.methods({ admin2: function(id){ var adminSync = Meteor.wrapAsync(adminAsync); var result = adminSync(id); console.log('result: '+result); return result; },

And I call from router.js as:
var id = Meteor.userId(); var z ='admin2', id, function(err, res){ console.log('respt'+res); return res; }); console.log('z: '+z);
I can’t get work because I get “undefined” as first result. Can someone help me?

Thank you.