Returning data from a nested object array in React returns undefined

I’ve read a couple of Stack overflow posts, but nothing that applies to the data layer in Meteor.
I made a mistake by nesting some data and now I’m struggling to find the light. Please help me understand what is going on.

      _id: 1,
       ownerId: 03dk08xk30j,
       path: [
               {id: 1, name: 'filename.jpg', path: '", path: '/home/user/documents/uploads/filename.jpg"},
               {id: 2, name: 'filename2.jpg', url: '", path: '/home/user/documents/uploads/filename2.jpg"}

I have a renderAttachments() function that I want to return all of the name/path/url data fields.

  renderAttachments() {
    return => {
      return <Attachment key={value._id} value={value} />;

I give it a prop

Attachment = React.createClass({
 render() {
  return (

React returns complaining that is undefined. So, I guess the data isn’t ready? Or I need the correct path?

I can pull out the path if I use JSON notation in the Attachment component. And use… instead of…but that’s not an option!

Please help!