Returning data from Mongo

Hello all, so I have an input field where the user selects a checkbox, I am using the accounts-ui and accounts-password packages.

What I want to happen is that what the user selects to be entered into the database, and then when the user logs back in then their checked field is checked in.

I know that this should be done with methods and calling and the publish subscribe model for more security but I am starting from the basics.

So I know how to insert the data and have that working on a basic level:{ //responses to events{ //responses to events

	'change input[type=radio]': function (event) {
		numSpeeches = event.currentTarget.value //getting the seleced radio fields
		numSpeechesleft = 10 - numSpeeches; //number of speeches left
		if (Meteor.user()) {
				num_speeches: numSpeeches,
				createdOn: new Date(),
				createdBy: Meteor.user()._id

This insert is working and it is okay for now (though what I need to happen is that when the user plays around with the checkboxes it just update the already existing entry for that user and not creates a brand-now one).

What I want to happen next is a way to access this data for next time. So I should be able to do this by using Status.find and then putting a parameter that the id in the collection has to match the current logged in user and then get it to return the data that I need (the num_speeches).

However this is not working for me when I use the code for find. How should I format this code?

Thanks and sorry for all the questions recently but this is great community!