Reval: Code Faster

Reval is a tool for making Meteor development way more fun. It drastically reduces code reload times and provides a special in-browser editor for exploring your application.

See this blog post for more info:


What’s your elevator pitch for this product? In the article you mention really fast client-side changes since you’re skipping the entire build toolchain, and the publish button looks really helpful for internal teams sharing around prototypes. But I’m curious, how would you try to persuade someone to use this over just using VSCode or Atom? I expected your blog post to go over that but it doesn’t really.

Reval isn’t an alternative to VSCode or Atom, in fact it’s built to integrate with code editors. It’s meant to augment your code editor.

Brilliance! When is Windows support coming? Honestly, I have been waiting for a package to improve Meteor build time and you made it possible. Thanks man!

Windows support isn’t too far off (it used to work with Windows). The only thing I’d need to figure out is (1) ngrok on windows and (2) searching through the source tree with grep (or the Windows equivalent)

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Whoa! This is awesome! I saw a demo earlier this year and I couldn’t wait for it to come out

Also hoping for Windows support, since I couldn’t properly test this package because of that issue.
Haven’t had time to look after the code and send a PR but it would be nice if you could take a look on this matter :slight_smile:

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How would I translate this to Windows? Once I have that, adding Windows support should be easy.

Wow this is AMAZING! What a cool idea!

Any chance that 1.5 will be as fast? PS wait until or if they make virtual dom on blaze.

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Doesn’t the video have sound?

I don’t think it’d be possible for 1.5 to be even close, unless it implements a single file fast recompilation path (which is basically what reval does). Also, Reval doesn’t refresh the page, which for some apps can save a lot of time. I go pretty in-depth on how things work in the blog post.

A virtual DOM for Blaze won’t really do much for reload speeds, since it’s not related to code recompilation. Would be nice to have though :slight_smile:


No sound but I’ve been considering adding some Linkin Park or ambient ocean noises :wink:

Would’ve been better if it was narrated, but I am weak of will and body. One day…

Haven’t had the time to try, but findstr seems the most similar command that is available in windows natively. Another solution would be to use an npm package with no binary dependencies (something like this or this maybe?)


Too bad there’s no React support yet…

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Just tried it out on komentify and it worked out-of-the-box! Great stuff.

One thing I’m unsure about, which is: When I’m editing code the cursor automatically jumps out of the editor after saving and reloading the template. This makes editing templates kind of hard, anyone else experienced that?

Weird. If you open an issue on github, I’ll fix the bug for the next release (which will be within the next week).

Next release adds support for meteor methods/publications, relative imports, adding a command palette to the editor, and dynamically resizing the mini-screen :grin:

Also, are you using it in Live Mode or On Save?

I’m using the default mode which is Live.

If you toggle to On Save, it’ll be easier to use (because it will only save when you want). You can toggle it at the top right of the code editor pane.

Maybe I should switch the default. Idk