Reverting back to 1.2 from 1.3.1 because of instability

Has anybody run into a bunch of issues after upgrading to 1.3? After upgrading I have been unable to deploy to modulus. It appears that a Meteor 1.3 app cannot be used with something like Modulus/MUP/Galaxy if it contains NPM modules that depend on binaries (or at least binaries that aren’t built for the production server environment). I’ve seen some github issues in which people were able to resolve the issue by simply removing the node module or logging into their production server and building the binary there. However, I don’t think that is an option for a lot of people (including me). I’m curious as to whether other people are having the same issues and if there is a fix on the horizon? I’d really love to use 1.3 but I’ve had to revert back to 1.2 in order to keep the app running :frowning:


I had some issues with binary NPM modules, but a few changes to mup did the trick and now I can successfully push code with mup to any Ubuntu 14.04 server.

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Nice work! I wish Modulus gave use a little more control over the server environment :frowning: I might have to make the switch to DO and use your version of MUP.

I had the same issues with binary packages (developing on windows and using mupx so that’s a recipe for trouble in this case), but did a quick workaround by deploying from the server itself.

So the flow became:

  • Commit to git locally
  • Pull that commit on the server
  • Run mupx deploy on the server
  • Rejoice

Only 2 extra steps isn’t life-altering, though I’m going to explore the new mup from kadirahq in a bit, but this worked fine for urgent deployments.

Thanks for warning me about this. So I will definitely wait a bit longer before I upgrade to 1.3. Support for mupx is a must for me.

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UPDATE: I created a DO Ubuntu 14.04 server and deployed using mupx. It appears that using docker solves the issues I was having. Everything is working smoothly as of now.