RFR: Which Cloud IDE for Meteor is your favorite for mobile development?


I am going to create a mobile app using Meteor.

As my current development machine is a Windows laptop, I thought I might have to get Linux/Ubuntu machine or (egads, the price!) a Mac. Apparently the Windows version of Meteor is not (yet?) fully baked as far as creating Mobile apps goes, hence the notion that I would have to get new hardware.

I’ve been using Atom as my Meteor IDE; I like it, but yearn for more “Visual Studio”-esque features.

But now I’m wondering about Cloud IDEs, such as Cloud9, Nitrous, Codebox, others?

My question is: would using such a “Cloud” IDE obviate the need for new hardware? Would it be tantamount to running a Linux/Ubuntu virtual machine, so to speak, so that I could create Meteor mobile apps without the limitations that Windows apparently has in creating Mobile apps with Meteor?

Any recommendations on which Cloud IDE you like the best?


I there I am the founder of Codeanywhere.com which is a Cloud IDE, and as such I must reccomend you give it a try. We also have preconfigured Meteor Containers too.

Let me know what you think!



If you have windows 8.1 pro, you can use their built in Hyper-V VM feature to run your dev box. Unsure if you can turn it into a hackintosh however but some googling might help you on that front.

It’s quite performant. I use it myself for Java development running CentOS.


I wish there would be a separate board (forum, support channel etc.) for codeanywhere-meteor related subject and issues. Thanks.


Not sure if they have it, but feel free to email Codeanywhere support at anytime to get help :slight_smile: