RHEL vs. Ubuntu for Meteor MongoDB Hosting

I’m looking to install MongoDB on an Amazon EC2 instance. To me, AMI doesn’t matter much… but maybe it should.

While searching online for how-to’s, I’ve only found thorough guides for installing MongoDB on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). In discovering those, I’ve also found that RHEL is supposedly “really good at database hosting for mission critical apps.”

How does RHEL compare to Ubuntu for database hosting with respect to Meteor apps? Does AMI matter, and if so why?

RHEL uses older kernel, and older software. It might be more stable than Ubuntu, but in several years of hosting consulting I never found evidence about this.

Ubuntu uses a more modern kernel and recent software, which is evidently faster.

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RHEL/Centos is good for hosting. :wink: Most devs I know use Ubuntu LTS. You really can’t go wrong.