Roadmap/Howto for Faster Reloads

About a month ago I posted about an idea I had for faster reloads. It got a lot of attention, and clearly reload speeds are a sore spot for the community. I think there are a lot of opportunities for improving the performance of the build tool and I’ve compiled a document detailing:

  • Easy fixes people can make to their projects to speed up reloads right now
  • How to make and test changes to the Meteor build tool
  • How to profile Meteor and figure out what is slow (both with --profile and v8-profiler which gives you a full flamechart)
  • A heavily annotated list of what problems I think are making the build tool slow with guidance on how to fix them
  • Broader architectural changes that could vastly speedup reloads

Thankfully Meteor 1.4.2 will be dedicated to faster reloads, but it looks like the only MDG dev that is working on these problems is Ben Newman and there waaay too much to do for him to go it alone. I think that this document will provide the community with the knowledge and direction to start making improvements to the build tool.

Some of this information is also present in my Meteor Night talk, although it is much less detailed and only a small portion of the talk.

tldr: You can improve reload times and this document will show you how!


this is awesome, thank you :open_hands:

If anyone is interested in pursuing some of these ideas, I’d be happy to schedule a time to talk and bring you up-to-speed/get you started. Based on the conversation in the Meteor 1.4.2 PR, things will really get going on the MDG-side next week when Ben gets back from Burning Man.