Roadmap - Update Blaze Tutorials

Hey there, who would be with to me to go for the Blaze tutorial?

The roadmap has a part of Updating Blaze tutorial:

I think the term “Blaze tutorial should reflect latest best practices.” will make this much more complicated and requires at least two persons to first

  • review the current tutorial
  • elicit, which of the code is “old” practices and what the “new” practices replacements would be
  • rewrite the tutorial with the example project using Meteor 1.9

Who of the Blaze devs would be with me?

@filipenevola it is not really stated in the roadmap, whether this also implies the example TODOs app to be updated using latest Meteor and using best practices. I for my self would include this as part of the bigger but this is not up to me to decide. Wdyt?


:raised_hand: I’d like to help out!

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Great! I have your GitHub user from the last PR so I will update the Roadmap with our accounts.

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Are you available on the community Slack?

Here is the PR (hope this was the right way to ask for it :smiley: ):
I am in the meteor community packages slack. Is this the one you a referring to?

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Just an idea. Considering that there are many guides to update/create, maybe it would make sense to create a framework-agnostic topic (or rather a GitHub repo as forum topic could be not enough) and encourage experienced developers to gather all the best practices for modern Meteor there and to find some consensus? This valuable information could be then used in Meteor Guide and in particular tutorials as well, providing nice unification. Otherwise, I can imagine a situation where different guides recommend different things, causing confusion.
Maybe existing Meteor Guide and meteor tuts (I’ve seen many positive comments on forums and learned a lot from them myself) could be used as a starting point.

Hi, we have a channel in the community slack ( invite here) called #tutorials, there we are discussing the changes on tutorials.

Besides code updates we are also using Tortilla to write the tutorials now . @leonardoventurini is doing the new React one.

HI @jkuester

Coincidentally, I’ve also asked to be part of this process. If you join meteor-community slack group, we can collaborate.


Ok, so I posted a little reply to thread which was started in #tutorials channel on Slack so anyone can reach out and chime in

Hey I’m now in the community slack but not yet in the #tutorial channel. Can someone add me?