Rocket Chat - as a Solution!

Hi Everyone,

We are creating an App similar to WhatsApp. This would be working more on Groups Chat layer. So, As Rocket chat in Meteor is available and is a complete solution for the chat. So here are our questions on which we have on mind

  1. Is it useful to use an open source project on Full Scale? How reliable is it to do so?
  2. How much it (Rocket Chat Project) allows us for customization
  3. Do we have access to the DB?
  4. Can we create another module like Admin that uses the DB of this?

It would be great if we got help from our community.

  1. Only you can answer the “how useful is it” question, because it depends on your use case. If you want to know how reliable it is, I’ve been running it for over a year without issue - and that includes taking all updates.
  2. It’s open source with a MIT licence - you can self-host and do what you want.
  3. Yes, if you self-host.
  4. It’s a Meteor application using a MongoDB database. If you need to do that, then I guess you can. I’d be wary of mutating the pre-defined collections in strange ways, though.
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Thanks @robfallows for the info

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I know I’m late to the game, but Rocket Chat is hands down (IMO) the best open source chat system out there.

I believe I heard they set it up for a client with 10,000 users at one point. (that number may be off, but seems like that’s what I recall from a few years ago).

It’s completely open source. I’ve been in the code before, and it’s quite clean (at least compared to the giant messes I make), and yep, access to the DB if you’re running it self-hosted.

I suppose you can do as you wish withint your technical capabilities, and those provided by Meteor.


Thanks @bmcgonag1 for this information.