Rocket Chat on Galaxy?



Has anyone got up and running on Galaxy?
There don’t seem to be any guides or tutorials.

Please share your experience with Rocket Chat (on Galaxy).



You should be able to just deploy it like a normal meteor app

git clone
cd Rocket.Chat
meteor deploy [etc...]

The Galaxy base image includes the necessary graphicsmagick package


Like Reoh said, you can deploy it like a normal Meteor app.

But also keep in mind, you need to connect it to an external MongoDB and you’ll probably want to setup a MAIL_URL as well.


Thanks, I’ll try deploying to Galaxy just for the sake of finding out how it works.

I ended up deploying to Heroku. Deploying to Heroku was very simple, too simple in fact, they have a one-click install button that walks you through a wizard and sets up everything.


In my experience, once you have Galaxy setup it’s a total breeze. Scaling. Stopping. SSL and encryption. It’s basically all done for you.

I would say the only hard part is making sure you’re on mongo 3.0, getting the deploy command right, and getting the settings.json right (all of which are fairly easy and covered in the docs).



Yeah I know. I would use Galaxy for all Meteor apps if I could.

I’ve just started out recently. I think once I’m more comfortable with these things, I’ll only tend to use Galaxy only. They’ve been very smart while building it.

You are right. Scaling and SSL on Galaxy is click-of-a-button. Although, scaling Heroku is also very easy methinks. Setting up SSL not so much.


Correct me if I am wrong. Galaxy requires MongoDB to be hosted elsewhere?


What plan have you used at Heroku? Have you tweaked any settings?

P.S. Meteor marketing is strange. There is NO notice about Galaxy option at Rocket.Chat Deployment page. Probably partiallly because it does not include MongoDB hosting and therefore is more difficult to deploy.