Roles on meteor-react app?


How you manage Roles on meteor reactjs app?? and which package do you use??

The @themeteorchef had a good post a while back about handling authentication with react and Flow Router. It touches on leveraging the alanning:roles package for role handling.

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@hwillson, it semees that he does not use alanning:roles on this post!, but in other post without interaction with reactjs.

The premise is still the same - in the first post he points out where the roles checks could be included in your components, then links to his other article explaining how to use the roles package. It’s doesn’t line up 100% with what you’re looking for, but the two posts combined should help with understanding how the roles package can be used.

Here’s another example repo you might find useful: meteor.roles.react.auth

@hwillson excuse me, I think the question was not clear enough, what I want is how to assign a role to a user during registration? in the two links, there is not an example of this.