Rolling back from 2.14 to 2.13.1 because cannot build cordova apps?


We’ve been unable to build cordova apps (both iOS and Android) on 2.14 and 2.15.

Even with the hotfix : `GCDWebServer` missing in `cordova-plugin-meteor-webapp` · Issue #12946 · meteor/meteor · GitHub

The build fails on Android and succeeds for iOS but then fails in Xcode.

So the only option we see is going back to Meteor 2.13.1.

Are there negative impacts of doing that ?

Do I have to do some steps to prepare the rollback ? (verify some package version numbers ?)



strange, I’m able to build cordova app on 2.14 version.
Also 2.15 version, all’s good.

Hello please can you help with the steps used? @davideonmeteor

Do you mean steps to rolled back meteor version ?
I don’t need to rolled back…

What I mean is the steps by steps of setup to convert the meteor web app to android.

mmm Meteor is a framework to build applications for web and mobile… for mobile it use Cordova.
Do you read the guide ?

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Thanks for telling us. It made us work harder to make it work. One plugin was failing.


which plugin has problems ?

It was activetree:push but we did not upgrade it to the latest version.