Router for React + Meteor?

Hey just wondering if anyone is using react over blaze in their apps and has a good recommendation for how to do routing!
I saw but it looks like it might be weird to scale and handle reactivity on?

@arunoda I love how unobtrusive is and you said you guys attempted some react integration! Wondering if you have a decent way of using flow-router with react.

thanks for the help!

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Thank you so much!

I can always count on meteor hacks to be my superman!

I’ve used flow-router with React. It’s nice!

If you want to use React and forgo Blaze, you can use React-Router. I’ve created a demo repo on Github to use as a starting point.

I forgot to update here.
Now flow-router got better support for React with ReactLayout:

Yep. react-router is good too. It has a different way to mentioning routes. FlowRouter use a separate place to keep routes and render components into layouts. You can also use FlowRouter’s API to reactively get content and change routes.

@alexgaribay FlowRouter has nothing to do with Blaze :slight_smile: