Router.go() from client side


I have created Router in my router.js like this :

Router.go("students/add/:id?", {
    progress: {
        enabled: false
    fastRender: true

In My add new student page i have this code in my submit event to redirect on edit mode page
Router.go("students/add/", {id : studentId});

But this is not working. It does not redirect to edit page. Any idea about this?


Yo should use your Route name:

Router.go("students", {id:studentId});



it throws me error as my router contains “add” Router.go("students/add/:id?", {});


It seems to that you dont have properly defined your Routes, with a name. For going to this route you should define it first in your router file.

For example, i’d call this route student.add so you it’s easier to understand later.

Router.route('/students/add/:id',  {
    name: "student.add",
    action: function(){},
    fastrender: true

// Then you can call it like I wrote before:

Router.go("student.add", {id:studentId});


It’s working Done. :+1: