Routes not working properly using angular-meteor

Hello everybody. I’m working on a angular-meteor app. I followed Urigo’s tutorial tutorial here: and I defined the following routes:

angular.module(‘myapp’).config(function($stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider, $locationProvider) {

    .state('homepage', {

       url: '/homepage',
       template: '<mycomponent></mycomponent>'

    .state('anotherpage', {

      url: '/otheroute',
      template: '<othercomponent></othercomponent>'

Everything works fine if I navigate through the routes starting from the homepage. Anyways if I try to directly reach /otheroute from the address bar it doesn’t work because it goes to /homepage first. I even tried turning html5 mode off but didn’t help. I didn’t forget to include in my index.html. Thanks in advance.