Routing error Angular2/Meteor

I know I must be doing something wrong but I can’t figure it out. Essentially I followed the Socially app but instead of parties I have Projects. So when you go to / you see a list of projects and when you click on one it goes to something like http://localhost:3000/project/dNDfB92bnHAYRHWTJ

This all works.

However, if you type http://localhost:3000/project/dNDfB92bnHAYRHWTJ into the browser you get a blank screen and an error that it failed loading a component that is part of the LIST screen, not the DETAIL screen. projects-create-button isn’t on this screen it is a component on the list screen. So really confused. Any Idea what I should be looking at?

{ path: ‘/project/:projectId’, as: ‘ProjectDetails’, component: ProjectDetails },
{ path: ‘/’, as: ‘ProjectsHome’, component: ProjectsHome },

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <M @ systemjs_systemjs.js:35global.n.metadata.format.n.metadata.registered.n.metadata.execute @ systemjs_systemjs.js:35i @ systemjs_systemjs.js:35a @ systemjs_systemjs.js:35execute @ systemjs_systemjs.js:35y @ systemjs_systemjs.js:35S @ systemjs_systemjs.js:35p @ systemjs_systemjs.js:35h @ systemjs_systemjs.js:35(anonymous function) @ systemjs_systemjs.js:35(anonymous function) @ dynamics_browser.js:51
dNDfB92bnHAYRHWTJ:1 Uncaught (in promise) Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <
	Evaluating http://localhost:3000/client/components/projects/projects-create-button
	Error loading http://localhost:3000/project/client/app

ok, answered my question. Turns out using import with / is a mistake :smile:
I had import {ProjectsCreateButton} from "/client/components/projects/projects-create-button"; and/client was causing it not to load but the error was not helpful. removing the /fixed it.

Maybe this will help someone else as new to this as me. Overall I’m finding angular-meteor to be a good match but these types of things are annoying :wink: