Routing users to information and payment page before showing the user dashboard

Hi, I am new to Meteor. I have scoured the internet for information, but have ended up with nothing of relevance.

I am creating a website where the user has to fill in their personal information and then pay a registration amount before they can go ahead to the main dashboard and use the features offered by the website. How do I route the user after sign up/login in such a way that the user can not access the dashboard URL/other parts of the website till the time they have filled two forms:

  1. The personal information form (to be filled only once)
  2. The payment gateway form (that should only be accessible after personal information is filled)


You could handle this multiple ways, but heres is how I would do it.

  1. Have a flag on the users profile to determine if they have added billing information.
  2. Make us of the accounts-ui login hook to check if such flag is true.
  3. If such flag is false. Redirect to the payments view.

You could apply the same method for the personal information.