RPMs and DEBs? where are they?

Forgive me if this is a FAQ.

One of the developers I support (I’m the teams’s Puppet master) wants to deploy MeteorJS eventually in our production environment and running “curl” to pull something off the internet is not an option. The option open to me is to provide an RPM for the RedHat enviornment and a DEB for the Debian OS family.

I just read your announcement about full support for Linux and in it you mention DEBs and RPMs. Where are they located? I’d like to put them in our package repository.

Thanks for you patience and time.

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You do not run curl in a Meteor production environment. The curl command is used only for installing the Meteor development environment. In production you deploy a pre-build node application.

Which announcement is this? Meteor has had full support for Linux and OSX for several years, and DEBs and RPMs are not normally a part of this.

On a blog page dated March 6, 2012

Here: http://info.meteor.com/blog/full-linux-support

If DEBs and RPMs are not available, anyone have hints on how to install MetorJS to a host that has no internet connection?

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Again, as robfallows mentioned you don’t need to install meteor to run a meteor app that has been built. You only need to install meteor for the development environment.
When you build a meteor app it’s compiled to a regular node app which you can run on any server that is capable of running node.