Rubaxa:sortable help!

Hi guys, I installed rubaxa:sortable to make sortable my list of cards. Doc is confusing and I can not update correctly the order field inside my collection. For demo I don’t use users:
Collection and permissions:

UserStories = new Mongo.Collection('userStories');
    update: function(userId, doc, fields, modifier){
        return doc;

Sortable Server configuration:

Sortable.collections = ['userStories'];


{{#sortable items=userStories sortField=order}}
     <div class="item">
         <div class="right floated content">
         <div class="ui button">+</div>
             <div class="content">
                <a class="header userStoryUuid">#{{uuid}}</a>
             <div class="description">{{name}}</div>

And insertion of new item in the collection:{
    'click #newUserStory':function(e, t){
        var projectId = FlowRouter.getParam('id');
        var userStoriesCount = UserStories.find({projectId:projectId}).count();
        var userStoryName = t.$('#userStoryName').val();
        var userStoryDate = new Date();
        var userStoryOrder = userStoriesCount+1;
        var data = {
        };'addUserStory', data);

So, sortable happens without console errors. But when I refresh the page the order turns back in the initial status.

I’m not sure that “order” field is correct. What I’m doing wrong??

Thanks! :wink:

Hi @arcy,

I just ran into a similar issue - the package persists inconsisten order-values (see

By the way: I also played around with,
which gave me a similar problem.

Have you found a solution? Or did you end up using a different package?