Run a bundled Meteor application continuously, even over reboots

I have a Meteor application, which I want to run on some client PC’s. I want the application to run continuously in the background and also after reboot. It would be preferable if I could run the Meteor bundled Node application. And I want to be able to do this on Windows and Linux based OSes. How should I go about this? I have successfully done this with an upstart job, the script for which I use from this gist. However, it is very essential that I be able to automate most aspects of this. I am not sure, if I should push the bundled Node application onto NPM and install into the client PCs from it, or have it installed as a normal Linux apt-get package or a Windows programs. Essentially, how to deploy it as a continuously running task is what I need help with.
Any help would be very sincerely appreciated.