Run meteor ios app with localhost not with live server

my project is deployed on live server, i want to make some customization, but it’s live so i am having same backup on mac and doing customization, i just put this code ( meteor run ios-device --mobile-server=http://localhost:3000 --production ) in
and i ran same command ( meteor run ios-device --mobile-server=http://localhost:3000 --production ) in meteor directory.

My application is getting open in xcode simulator and running good, but i am unable to see my customized code, it still showing codes coming from server, I want run ios app with localhost not with live server.
Is there need to be put any other file, or i need to change that file which i did not find, so where i can found that to set localhost.
Please suggest me on this.

To make this work, you have to provide the IP of your development machine, like this:

meteor run ios-device --mobile-server= --production

Otherwise it won’t work, since localhost on the mobile device means the device itself.

To find out the IP of your machine, try ifconfig | grep inet (or ipconfig /all on Windows).

I am using meteor run ios-device --mobile-server= --production
but still my data is coming from live site, i can not see my changes in xCode simulator which i did in local-machine project. The project running on http://localhost:3000 with my changes, but why not on ios ?

I wanna make same customization then i will push my code on github to reflect on live site, Please help me how can i test my project on ios simulator with localhost. I am in trouble.

Also i can see my changes in xcode project files in www, by running above posted command. but when i run that project in xcode to run app in simulator, i can not see those changes in running application.