Run some server-side code before method called

There is a working app with many methods. And now I need to check user permissions when some methods are called. So is it possible to perform something like this when client calls method?

client:'methodName',args,(err,res)=>{ ... });

var ok=permitMe(methodName,args); // function checking permisions
    // permitted
    // call methodName with args and return result
    // denied
    return new Error( ... );

Or should I implement checking inside every method?

For a long time, I had a function I would call at the top of each method. But, validated methods are a very nice solution: Now I have a mixin for checking user permissions, a mixin for checking admin permissions, etc. and just attach the mixin to the method. Super simple!

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Nice solution, thanks. But each of the methods still needs to be modified, if I got it right.

Nah, you can use a mixin. Then you only need to write the check once and include it as a mixin for each method.