Running as a background service / push notifications

Can a Meteor app be run as aback ground service on iOS and Android and also push out notifications?


With the cordova background plugin you can run it in the background for sure. Be aware that you need a good reason for using it when applying for the App Store. They are quite strict on battery intensive operations.

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And can you use push notifications?

This is the most famous package on that.

I don’t understand your business case in full: Why would you want to send a push message from the client device when in background mode? What does it detect?

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Well, I am a newbie so I could be going about this the wrong way. I want to create an app that when a new event is created or news about that event occurs a push notification is made to the phone so the user can see a new event etc has been added. I don’t want them to have to have the app open to see when new events are added.

Ok, that works as following:

  1. Server receives the new event (from external source / insert by a user / whatever)
  2. Server calls Raix::push (see linked above)
  3. Apple / Google handles the delivery of that push message.

That push message can contain the text of the message (length depends) so the users can read instantly. You get exactly the same as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger notifications.

Push messages are always received on the background, no action needed by your side.

You can set the messages so they open your app when the user clicks the push message.