Running Meteor 1.2 - AND 1.3 Beta on Mac - (Newbie help!)

I’m currently developing, running and deploying Meteor 1.2 apps – but I’d like to begin testing/working with 1.3 Beta… It’s not clear to me how to install 1.3 beta alongside 1.2?
Is this possible?

You can install multiple Meteor versions on your machine just fine. Just run the following command outside your Meteor project directory:

meteor update --release 1.3-beta.16

Replace the last number with current beta build.

Then, run the same command again in the Meteor project directory that you want to update to 1.3. And that’s it!

Just running the second step works too!

Just want to confirm, it is only necessary to run this command once in the preferred directory. It will download all relevant sources the first time and then will use the correct version of the meteor tool for the version of the framework you are using in that project.

Yeap! This is the way I’ve always done it, at least

Thank you all! Yes! It works by upgrading just in the project directory - doesn’t touch anything else. I guess I should have known this… but I could NOT find it stated explicitly anywhere… Thanks again!!