Running Meteor 1.3 as root

Within the past 48 hours or so, Meteor appears to have updated to version 1.4.2, however, my app is running I’ve always been able to run meteor locally as root (for various reasons) on my iMac.

However, now I cannot run Meteor locally as root due to a mismatch of meteor and meteor-tool versions on my system. I have freshly installed v1.3.4.4, started my app, and then Meteor downloads its update in the background, updates itself, and the meteor command points to a sym-linked version 1.4.2. However, I cannot seem to change the symlink back to the old meteor-tool@ version - it always gets reset when I restart meteor.

Does anyone know how to force Meteor to only use the installed version of meteor - the one my app is built against? It feels like Meteor has hijacked my app…


See my comments here:

Unfortunately, you fall into that category with the older version of Meteor not supporting the --no-release-check flag and the work around. This should be fixed with, which should be out relatively soon.

I apologize for my intrusion, but I truly question the necessity of running Meteor as root, especially on your dev machine. This is not recommended at all, a security risk for a variety of reasons, a permission nightmare for Meteor to try to deal with, and exactly what this flag is meant to prevent. It’s just problematic (in a similar way as it was for NPM and many other projects who also discourage this practice).

Happy to try and suggest alternatives or solutions if you’re willing to share your necessity.

Thanks for taking time to reply, @abernix.

I agree with questioning the necessity of running Meteor as root. I’ve wanted to move away from it for a long time.

After reading your other Github comments on the subject, we’ve decided it’s best for us to migrate to 1.4.2 and fix the issues we’ve had in the past with running as a regular user.