Running Meteor Build under Node with settings argument


Typically when developing I would use meteor run --settings settings.json. This works fine and can view the settings in the browser with Meteor.settings on the console.

I am now build for production, using meteor build, I’ve looked at the documentation and there is nowhere to add settings during the build process.

So the build runs and I have my .tar.gz file, it’s loaded to production and then I untar/compress the folder and run the start script.

It enters the program with npm start and the package.json section looks like this (ignore the stop script);

  "name": "myapp",
  "scripts": {
    "start": "node main.js --settings settings.json",
    "stop": "killall node"

When I look at my app it is not collecting these settings. It is as if when bundled it doesn’t expect the arguements. I also tried using forever beforehand, but I had no joy with this either.

Any help would appreciated, start to wish I never bothered with Meteor :slight_smile:


don’t worry i have my answer it is @