Running Meteor mobile app on physical Android device

I’m having an hard time trying to run my Meteor app on my Android device (LG G2). I googled for answer and didn’t find anything like what I encounter. I followed the instuction and everything went fine, added the Android platform to my project and ran it with meteor run android-device. The device LG G2 is plugged with a USB cable to the machine I’m building and running the app with, and the device has USB debugging enabled. Everything seem to be fine, my terminal indicates:

Started proxy.
Started app on Android Device.
I20150530-16:38:11.280(3)? - waiting for device -
Started MongoDB.
Started your app.

App running at: http://localhost:3000/

No error indication, nothing suspicous, but the app doesn’t come up on the device. Nothing happens. Anyone has a clue? I tried to give my own IP and port to the command without a change.

Did you follow these instructions?

Also, you can try running ‘meteor run android-device --verbose’ and see if that gets you anywhere.


Try to run the app with the mobile server option:

meteor run android-device --mobile-server --version

Just must change the server ip to your env.
Also I suggest to use:

Its a helpful tool to see at least the console log from the device.

On my android device a Huawei Mate 7 I must manually de-install the existing app before running the meteor run command.

Sometimes it happens that the app comes not up. Then I just restart the device and it works again. But this depends on the device and the android version I assume.

As a side note to doedels suggestions I’d also like to add that if you use Chrome for development, I highly suggest you check out Chromes Inspect Devices.

I found it in another thread on here and the tool is absolutely amazing, you can view the exact thing you see on your phone through it coupled with Chromes full “Development tools” arsenal of utilities, including the JavaScript console and DOM.

What i found in LG G2 Manual is you need to restart and update your device.
Restart your device: - To restart your phone, press your device’s power button for about 30 seconds, until your device restarts.Rebooting your device gives it a fresh start. Sometimes, that’s all you need to fix an issue.
Check for Android updates - Open your device’s Settings app Settings.
Scroll to the bottom and tap About phone or About tablet and then System updates.
You’ll see your update status. Follow any on-screen steps.